How can I redeem a loan?

Loosing a loan means using the opportunity to cancel an existing loan in its existing form. A loan repayment is particularly worthwhile if you can replace high interest rates with low ones. As a result, the borrower has to pay less money overall for the same loan if the expensive loan is repaid.

This can be the case, for example, if, due to the development of the market interest rate, the loan interest is lower than at the time of the first borrowing. In addition, it can happen that borrowers have a better credit rating at the time of the loan repayment and the remaining debt can be rescheduled at a lower interest rate. If borrowers want to replace an old loan with a new loan, the debt can be rescheduled either at the same credit institution or at another lender. A loan comparison is therefore worthwhile in order to find the loan offer with the best conditions for the loan repayment. Apart from debt rescheduling, a loan can be redeemed if there is newly acquired equity.

Repay the loan early with new equity

Repay the loan early with new equity

In a financial emergency, you have taken out an installment loan from a bank, which you are currently paying back monthly with high interest rates. Newly acquired equity now opens up new opportunities for you: the loan can be redeemed early, which saves you interest costs.

With the appropriate financial means, the loan repayment makes sense in any case, since the repayment of the remaining debt then takes place without the interest costs that would otherwise have been incurred over the remaining months or months.

Repay loans early and reschedule them

Repay loans early and reschedule them

If you cannot settle the remaining debt of a current loan at once, but still want to benefit from interest savings, a debt rescheduling can be worthwhile. Borrowers can take out a new loan to replace an old loan. If the calculated savings are in relation to the remaining term and the interest payments, it is worth repaying the expensive loan, even if you are repaying a loan with a loan, so to speak.

Anyone can redeem a loan

Anyone can redeem a loan

Yes, in principle lender offers everyone the chance to get a loan and thus also to redeem an old loan – even private individuals with less than ideal credit ratings or groups of people who are usually rejected by the bank, eg self-employed, employees (also during the trial period), freelancers and students.

Simply calculate your loan and submit your loan request without obligation. In the credit calculator, you can specify, for example, clearing current account / overdraft facility as the purpose. Within a few minutes you will know whether we have fulfilled your loan request and you can take out a new loan to replace an old loan.

Payday loan: everything you need to know

For a large part of the population, meeting basic daily needs has been increasingly difficult on the basis of just one salary. Unfortunately, disruptions in the budget can happen: the car breaks down or medical treatment starts, for example. On the other hand, people also want to have fun, travel with the family, invest in courses and that, of course, also means having more extra expenses.

It is for factors like these, that credit offers are so sought after in banks and financial institutions. In this post, we will talk about one of the most well-known modalities: the payday loan .

What is a payday loan?

What is a payroll loan?

It is a type of loan offered by banks and financial institutions, the installments of which are discounted directly from the contractor’s payroll or benefit . Its features are quite attractive:

  • Monthly installment discounts cannot exceed 35% of your income
  • Lower interest rates, when compared to other modalities offered in the market
  • Low risk of default
  • Concession to negative
  • No guarantor or guarantor required

Who can apply for payday loans?

Who can apply for payroll loans?

The payday loan is aimed at the following public: workers with a formal contract signed by private initiatives that have an agreement with a financial institution, civil and military civil servants (active or inactive), pensioners and retirees.

Civil servants, retirees and pensioners

If you are a public employee, retired or pensioner, it is easier to acquire extra money through payroll. In the case of civil servants, there is the freedom to seek a bank or financial institution of your choice. For retirees and pensioners, the bank from which you receive the benefit will guide which institutions are associated with the so that you can apply for the resource.

Private company employees

For private sector employees, the options are more restricted. You should look for the person responsible for the human resources sector of your company and check which financial institution they are affiliated with.

In this case, due to the lack of job stability, interest rates are slightly higher in comparison to pensioners and retirees, but even so, they are well below the others practiced in other credit mobilities.

Is it possible to release payday loans for domestic workers?

Even though domestic employees have achieved equal labor rights in many aspects and are able to prove their income, the vast majority of banks and financial institutions still do not qualify this public as an adequate profile to apply for the discounted loan.

Despite the restrictions, we have good news:

Are you a domestic servant who needs extra money but does not want to ask your boss and you think the payday loan would help you?

Or are you an employer and want to help your employee gain access to credit, without messing with your budget?

How to apply for the payday loan?

How to apply for the payroll loan?

Contact any financial institution with the following documents: RG, CPF, proof of residence and income.

Remembering that it is very important that you have made a prior planning of expenses, because, due to the discounts of the installments, there will be a reduction in your income.

Serious small loans despite Credit Bureau

A negative Credit Bureau exists if at least one default in payment has been reported to the credit protection and the misconduct has not yet been deleted due to the passage of time. German lenders generally make a Credit Bureau request when granting loans.

This usually does not apply if suppliers accept payment in installments by their existing customers. Up to what amount of credit can be spoken of a small loan is not specified by law. Thus, some banks still refer to loans of ten thousand USD as small loans, while most credit institutions in Germany set the limit at around five thousand USD. Classifying a loan as a small loan has no legal implications, but it often enables a simplified loan decision according to the internal rules for lending.

A negative Credit Bureau does not always make borrowing impossible

A negative Credit Bureau does not always make borrowing impossible

After careful examination, German credit institutions grant serious small loans despite Credit Bureau negative entries if they are soft negative features. It is also advantageous if the applicant had forfeited the negative Credit Bureau entry a few years ago and can prove that his financial situation has since improved. Providing a guarantor also improves the chances of a serious loan being paid out despite a negative Credit Bureau, but is not always necessary.

If there is a negative Credit Bureau, borrowers address this issue by personally borrowing. It is also possible to apply for a loan via the Internet, but only for lenders who have not fully automated lending and who can make individual decisions.

For serious small loans despite Credit Bureau, the bank or the credit broker does not charge any upfront costs, because a processing fee is only allowed when the loan is actually paid out. If lenders violate this legal provision, they are in any case illegal and untrustworthy.

Swiss small loans

Swiss small loans

Serious small loans despite Credit Bureau can also be applied for from Swiss banks. Since these banks do not have access to the information provided by the German Credit Bureau, they must inevitably grant their loans without Credit Bureau. The Credit Bureau-free loans from Switzerland are always small loans, since most banks limit the loan amount to 3500 USD; only a few financial institutions from Switzerland extend their offer to a loan amount of up to 5000 USD.

Most Swiss banks limit the number of customers for their small loans without Credit Bureau to employees and civil servants, while freelancers or the self-employed can only take out a loan from a few financial institutions. The interest rates are higher than for standard loans from German banks due to the increased risk of default on Swiss loans without Credit Bureau. Of course, price comparisons are also necessary for serious small loans, despite Credit Bureau from Switzerland, since the interest rates differ noticeably depending on the bank.

Small loan with instant approval

Today, more and more borrowers want a small loan that can be used to bridge financial bottlenecks or for new acquisitions, which is quickly available. For this reason, many banks today offer a so-called small loan, which is often given with an immediate commitment.

The small loan with immediate approval is now mainly offered by online banks, and the best conditions can also be found here because the online banks usually have no branch area and fewer staff, which is often reflected in the form of low interest rates.

If you want to take advantage of a small loan with immediate approval, you can certainly benefit from low interest rates today, but the enormous variety of offers has made it much more difficult to compare several offers. A small loan with immediate approval is also available for people with a limited credit rating, as the banks face a lower risk of default.

Finding a small loan with an instant commitment – this is important to note

Finding a small loan with an instant commitment - this is important to note

When looking for the right small loan, private borrowers should definitely focus on the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is primarily dependent on the framework conditions of the loan and the creditworthiness of the borrower. Term and loan amount have a significant impact on the effective interest rate, since for the banks these are synonymous with a risk that the banks take into account in the effective interest rate. For this reason, borrowers should make the best possible use of the lowest possible loan amount and a short term.

When calculating the term, the personal financial situation should never be disregarded; if you do not plan precisely here, you risk losing your loan. Of course, the effective interest rate is also influenced by the creditworthiness of the borrower. What matters here is the highest possible, regular income and positive Credit Bureau information.

Those who would like to apply for a small loan with an immediate approval can hope for a fast availability of the loan amount today. To apply, an application form must be filled out, in which information on income, the person and the desired loan must be given. The bank will then carry out a credit check and grant the loan. The credit contract must then be signed and sent to the bank by post. Upon receipt of the loan agreement, the loan amount is paid out immediately.

This is how borrowers find the right small loan with an immediate commitment

If you need a loan quickly, you shouldn’t do without a comparison. With its numerous finance portals, the Internet offers the possibility of making an independent comparison. Many providers provide a credit calculator for this purpose, which can be used to compare individual information. By specifying the term, loan amount and repayment, the search can be restricted and the best individual offer can be selected.

Installment loan with immediate approval


The installment loan with immediate approval combines low interest rates and fast planning security. It is the contemporary answer to the wishes of modern borrowers. These modern loans are only offered on the Internet by direct banks. The article provides an overview of the advantages and what to look out for.

Installment loan with immediate approval – gain modern planning security.

Installment loan with immediate approval - gain modern planning security.

Installment loans are offered everywhere. The house banks expect an appointment in advance. The appointment can often only be made within the limited opening hours. Traditionally, it takes an average of a week until an administrator is finally free. Many employees take an extra half a day of vacation to avoid having to work themselves. During the discussion, the loan application is accepted and provisionally approved.

Direct banks don’t keep their customers waiting. You always have time. The application for the installment loan with immediate approval can be made around the clock. Without being able to apply for a loan directly from the living room, this is a time-saving alternative to the house bank. The preliminary loan approval creates the same planning security in real time, as does the consultation with the loan officer. Only the valuable vacation, nobody has to waste it.

In addition to saving time, there are also significantly better options for comparing interest rates. The credit search engines make it easy to find the lowest-interest installment loan with an instant commitment. After the most important search criteria have been entered, a well-sorted list of possible offers appears. Finding low interest rates couldn’t be easier.

What obligations arise from the online application?

What obligations arise from the online application?

The background to filling out an online loan application is not always the unconditional loan request. The question behind the application is much more often whether one can afford the investment. In addition, it is by no means clear to everyone whether they really have sufficient credit at the desired loan amount. Similar to the preliminary interview in the bank, nobody is obliged to actually complete the online loan application later. The result of the preliminary credit check is only a secure loan offer.

It can be used, but also only serves as pure information. In order to actually complete the loan application, it must go through the post-ID procedure and be submitted together with the required documents. Only in this way is the installment loan legally binding with immediate approval.

Cheap loans compared

Favorable loans are provided by numerous banks today, the historical low interest rate continues and enables interested consumers to take out a loan at particularly favorable conditions. If you are looking for the cheapest offer today, you will certainly find it at one of the numerous online banks on the Internet.

Many providers today offer cheap loans with attractive terms and low interest rates. The fact that the online banks can offer loans more cheaply can be explained by the lack of a large branch network and the lack of staff, by the fact that the online banks enable direct loan applications on the Internet, the administrative and application effort is also reduced, which in the form of cheap Finds expression.

Find cheap loans in comparison

Find cheap loans in comparison

If you want to find cheap loans in comparison today, you should focus primarily on the consideration of target and effective interest rates. However, the effective interest rate is and remains the decisive criterion, since this takes into account the totality of all costs.

The effective interest rate always depends on the consumer’s credit preferences and the individual creditworthiness of the borrower. Anyone who decides on a loan offer with a long term and a high loan amount must expect higher interest rates than a small borrower who decides to repay it in a short period of time.

The explanation for this is simple, high loan amounts and long terms pose an enormous risk for the banks. The banks take the risk into account in the form of a higher effective interest rate. Last but not least, the creditworthiness of the borrower also plays an important role. Borrowers who have a regular income and can show a positive Credit Bureau can enjoy lower effective interest rates, here too the credit default risk plays an important role for the bank.

Compare Cheap Loans – The Internet Helps

Compare Cheap Loans - The Internet Helps

Anyone who wants to find the individually cheapest loan can no longer do without a comparison on the Internet. Financial portals provide a loan calculator for quick and easy comparison of multiple offers. The loan calculator enables a comparison taking into account individual sizes.

Since, for example, loan amount, term, repayment and usage can be integrated into the comparison process, the loan calculator can quickly narrow down the search and find the individually cheapest offer. The free use of a loan calculator is an advantage because it permanently calls up the lowest interest rate and reduces the cost of credit.

Instant loan without co-applicant

If you are looking for an instant loan without a co-applicant with a negative credit rating, orientation on the free financial market is an advantage.

Here, the applicant can not only avoid liability with his creditworthiness but can also decide against a co-applicant and still get a permit for his application. There are various options for hedging that are far from the creditworthiness or a second applicant and are accepted by the private lender or a foreign bank.

Compare offers for instant loans without co-applicants online

Compare offers for instant loans without co-applicants online

With great haste and the urgent need for money, a borrower is usually glad to have found an offer for his financial background at all. But this thought is a mistake and automatically leads to a decision that is not considered and is often too expensive. Even if the instant credit found without a co-applicant show favorable interest rates, this is not a criterion for a problem-free term.

It is best to use the free online comparison and compare various offers for instant credit without a co-applicant. Here you can see flexible loans and thus his chance to make a change in the term without a credit increase and thus to be able to exclude debt by borrowing. The comparison is free and creates transparency in a few seconds, which is not automatically given due to the enormous variety of offers on the free financial market.

Securing the loans


Since the creditworthiness cannot be used and, in the case of an instant loan without a co-applicant, there is no second applicant, you should look for acceptable collateral and enter it directly in the application form.

Collateral can be real assets and possessions, capital-forming insurance or savings. There are various options for hedging that are far from the creditworthiness or a second applicant and are accepted by the private lender or a foreign bank.

A surety is also an option and does not necessarily have to be provided by a family member. Friends and business partners can also vouch for the loan and assume liability with the lender. The approval is issued immediately in less than 24 hours.